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“Carla, I want to take a moment to thank you and Anita for all the work you have provided.  We all think the products came out beautifully. We enjoy working with you both and very much appreciate the guidance and advice in all the areas you are providing.”


Billie E.

Packaging Client

“We approached Design Interface on a product development project to give us a fresh, outsider’s perspective. They were extremely professional, analytical and thorough with everything they presented.  Due to their calculated approach, Design Interface played an instrumental role in the development of multiple new products.  We consider them a valuable partner that we would call on again.”


Greg B.

Product Management and Development


“The special issue [of our journal] was very well received by all whom I have shown it. It is really great and impressive. Thank you so much for all the hard work you invested and the great cooperation, which I really appreciate.”


Thomas B.

European Patent Office


After receiving a video of his new product in action:

"I'm smiling/laughing with JOY....great work Adrian....!"


Ed F.

New Product Client

“FYI, one of Doug's recent creations…is really an eye catcher. The color pallet, the image, and the simple message really stands out. All of his work is great. Just thought I'd let you know about one that really made me smile--and proud!”


Bruce S.

Fitness Product Client

“Hello Carla,


And thank you for your excellent work for LES.”


Bill E.

Print Design Client

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