7 Takeaways from IDSA Central District Conference at Carnegie Museum of Art

Cleveland Institute of Art faculty & students at the Carnegie Museum of Art

Cleveland Institute of Art faculty & students at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Adrian Slattery and Carla Blackman, top left.

Designers came together last weekend in Pittsburgh to be inspired and learn from students and professionals. As the student advisor for IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America), I went along to support Austin Frank, Cleveland Institute of Art’s Student Merit Winner. Almost 20 students and faculty from Cleveland attended the event. Here are my top 7 takeaways…

1. ID students are awesome! Attendees were treated to the best student work from 8 colleges in the Central District. We were inspired by a plow for Zambians, an orb that connects people emotionally, a GPS drone and app that finds lost hikers and much, much more!

2. Sweeping Through the Year told how in the redesign of the Bissell deep-cleaners every part had to have a purpose. This was a cost cutting move and made a lean, mean deep cleaning machine.

3. Lorenz Hagenmayer from Bosch placed great emphasis on user-centered design. It was good to hear my mantra repeated…we must design for all users: the installer, the end-user, the seller and the servicer.

4. In Designing For Play – Michael Laris from Playworld encourages free play for a child’s best development. Their latest design will fit beautifully into any urban setting.

5. Buy and Sell Authentic Sneakers – Who knew that there was a stock market for buying and selling sports shoes called StockX. SAGA Marketing brought this story to light and showed the profits to be made on Nike, Reeboks and Adidas.

6. Peter Muller-Munk’s exhibit show-cased his beautiful silver pieces and great industrial design. To connect the exhibit to the event, Tucker Viemeister added his personal experiences which wrapped up the conference.

7. Disturbing to learn that Peter Muller-Munk took his own life in 1967, one month after his wife committed suicide. This scenario was repeated by Henry Dreyfuss, when he and his ailing wife were victims of the same fate in 1972. Scary stuff!

To learn more about the conference visit: http://www.idsa.org/events/district/2016-central-conference

To see Austin Frank’s presentation visit: https://www.facebook.com/caitlyn.moss.1/videos/1299761610039731/

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